General Comments

"Thank you so much for what you do! It was delightful! I learned a lot - you started where I could 'get it'. Sometimes people start in the middle of a concept and use the industry lingo and you can't absorb it all quickly. Again, thank you so much! I will be back." (Danelle, Idaho)

"It’s a five hour drive for us one way to receive .1 credit hours, so you can imagine how happy I was to find your program. I will recommend it to all court reporters in this area and can tell you we'd be very happy if you could offer more NCRA-approved courses." (Donna, Tennessee)

"No suggestions; just appreciation for the ease of purchasing and completing my continuing education at my own pace, on my own schedule.  No need to block out an entire day or two in order to obtain the necessary CE's through a seminar."  (Lisa, Oklahoma)

"It was an easy and economical way to earn CEUs.  Thank you for putting these together and with some interesting and life-applicable topics." (Joanne, Illinois)

"Thank you so, so much!!  I definitely will be returning to YOU for more CEUs in the future, and will recommend your courses!" (Barb, Tennessee)

 "I very much appreciate this service that you offer us procrastinators!" (Meg, Georgia)

"Thank you very much.  I will definitely pass along to my other reporter friends your web site for CEU's and will use yours for my future CEU's." (Joanne, Illinois)

The Internet (10 hours, 1.0 CEU)

"Well put together, user-friendly purchasing!"  (Nancy, Georgia)

"I learned so much from this course." (Pam, Georgia)

"Thank you so much. I look forward to getting more CEUs through you. It was very convenient and informative, and I appreciate the quick response. Thanks again." (Kim, Illinois)

"I very much enjoyed getting my credits this way. I’m sitting at a lot of soccer practices these days, so I was able to read the course there. Very convenient." (Kim, Washington)

"I actually enjoyed this course (I didn’t think I would). I learned a lot of stuff I hadn’t previously known. Thanks!" (Analisa, Illinois)

"Great course! Enjoyed it and learned a lot! Will look for more of your courses next year. Thanks." (Shelly, Missouri)

Introduction to Endocrine Hormones (10 hours, 1.0 CEU)

"This course was fascinating and explained much about why we feel the way we feel and act the way we act! Thank you for a great course." (Marcia, Illinois)

"Although the course had technical aspects to it, it was very easy to follow and the outline was great!" (Maya, Alabama)

"Great course!" (Karen, Illinois)

Health Insurance, (7.0 hours, 0.7 CEU)

"Never expected insurance would be interesting! Bold type terms were extremely helpful. Loved the history of it!!" (Barbara, Tennessee)

"Very good information! My husband took an early retirement five years ago. The company he works for now utilizes the Health Savings Account and High Deductible Health Plan. I now understand the benefits. Thanks a bunch." (Kim, Georgia)

"I have always had an interest in this particular topic, especially because I am self employed and have to purchase insurance for my family on our own. I found your way of explaining different scenarios (using examples) very helpful. Because we need a certain amount of CE credits every year I was happy to spend the money on something useful and convenient." (Mary, New Jersey)

"Every court reporter needs to know about health insurance, both personally and professionally." (Donna, Georgia)

The New Physiology of Obesity (5 hours, 0.5 CEU)

"Very good material.  Learned a lot and will go over the course again." (Karen, Illinois)

"I like the courses and I plan on taking more. I attended one of your live seminars and I liked that, too. I really like the convenience and price." (Vicki, Michigan)

"Thank you so much for providing this course. It was very interesting and so convenient. I will definitely be using your courses again for CE credits."  (Karen, Illinois)

Breast Cancer Theories: Causes and Prevention (5 hours, 0.5 CEU)

"I enjoyed the course. Lots of good information."  (Pam,  Georgia)

"This was very informative!"  (Leigh, Georgia)