Courses by Hours/CEUs

For your convenience we offer courses ranging from 3.0 hours/0.3 CEU to 10.0 hours/1.0 CEU. Our fee is $14 per hour, so combine courses to meet your interest or individual needs. Our total price, for example, is $140 for 10 hours whether you choose a 7-hour course plus a 3-hour course, two 5-hour courses, or a single 10-hour course. If you have a credential from NCRA and need to record your credits with NCRA, please remember NCRA charges a $40 independent recording fee per filing. You may file multiple courses for a single fee as long as we receive your tests on the same date and you file all of the certificates with NCRA at the same time. per course All of our courses are all NCRA prequalified at the CEU level.