5 CE Hours: Introduction to Gmail: MUST BE COMPLETED BY 12/31/2020

PRice: $70.00
Course Number:27
First, learn the benefits/drawbacks of the free Gmail service including the relationship between Gmail and Google Drive. Learn about privacy and advertising content in Google and Gmail. Master incoming Gmail settings including tabs, page size, image display options, conversation view, personal level indicator, snippets and desktop notifications. Learn to set outgoing Gmail features including identifying picture or image (such as your logo), default font and features, automatic signature (including logos and hyperlinks), reply/reply to all default, undo send email. Learn basic email features including flaws in BCC, creating and populating email recipient groups in Gmail, formatting specific test in emails (including bullet or number lists), send/request money feature in Gmail, emoticons and good email forwarding etiquette. Master the world of attachments in Gmail, including uploading and downloading data files and photos/images to/from local hard drives and Google Drive.

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