10 CE Hours: Better Transcripts - The Metric System (NO MATH!): MUST BE COMPLETED BY 12/31/2020

PRice: $140.00
Course Number:17

This course sounds boring, but it isn’t! Depositions involving clinical medicine, the sciences and engineering involve metric units. There are other situations in which metric units are employed by convention or decree, but the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that has not committed to metrication. This course covers the fascinating history of systems of measurement through time including the influence of the Roman Empire on units of measure, the pivotal role of the French Revolution in launching the metric system, the reasons why U.S. employs a mix of metric and customary units, and the governance of measurement systems at the federal, state and global levels. Court reporters will learn about metric units and simple rules of syntax that guarantee accurate transcription of metric units. Reliable references are also provided.

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