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NOTE: Any courses COMPLETED by 12/31/2020 are still NCRA prequalified.

Dear Court Reporters:

NCRA has abruptly changed the rules for CEU approvals. From January 1, 2021 onwards, CE courses will only be approved for three years, even if content has not changed.  The fee CE providers pay for course evaluation has also been increased significantly and the fee must be paid every three years for every course. 

·       Going forward, all new CEUs must also include a method that ensures each reporter spends the specified number of clock hours on the course materials. There is specific wording in the NCRA guidelines that excludes written courses like mine, even though my courses include a hand-graded test to verify learning objections are met. Obviously, written courses cannot have an embedded timer in them.

Although NCRA has obviously decided this policy serves its members, the timing seems unfortunate for both NCRA members who need CEUs to renew their NCRA credentials and independent CE providers. Lower-cost providers like me have suddenly been told that most of the content we have built over the years will not be approved after January 1, 2021 without technical revisions to verify clock time and payment of new application fees. Unfortunately, in the middle of a pandemic, during which court reporters are forced to use distance learning to fulfill CE requirements, fewer lower-cost distance-learning CE alternatives will be available after December 31, 2020. 

As a direct result of the new NCRA CE policy, just three of my fifteen CE courses will remain for sale on this website after 12/31/2020. All of my courses are valid for credit as long as they are completed by 12//31/2020.

  • Create a Fillable form in MS Word (5 hours/0.5 CEU) will remain on the website until September 18, 2022
  • Drug Information Search, NLM Databases (5 hours/0.5 CEU) will remain on the website until March 28, 2021
  • Gmail Attachments (3 hours/0.3 CEU) will remain on the website until August 28, 2022

The following 12  courses that will be removed from the site on 12/31/2020. If you have purchased these courses, you must complete them by 12/31/2020.

  •  Windows 10: Optimize Your Computer for Business Use
  • Cybersecurity: Passwords
  • Computer Security: Malware Detection and Prevention
  • Introduction to Gmail
  • Buying a New Computer
  • The Metric System
  • The Internet
  • Health Insurance
  • Consumer Protection: Food Labeling Laws
  • Introduction to Endocrine Hormones
  • The New Physiology of Obesity
  • Breast Cancer Theories: Causes and Prevention

If you have completed these courses already, your credits are guaranteed. If you complete them by the end of this year, your credits are valid. If you were thinking of taking any of these courses in the future, please purchase them now and complete them by December 31.

Many of you know it that my sister is a court reporter, which is how I got involved in this business. It has been a hobby rather than a living for me over the past 19 years, after I retired from my consulting practice due to ill health in the spring of 2000. I had planned to continue the CE business for at least another three years, so I have invested in web-based technology that will offers some interesting options for all elearning course development and delivery. I am working on CE material that will be informative, interesting, and cost-effective that will also make sure you sit in front of your computer for the required number of clock hours! Each course  will incorporate videos, downloadable PDFs, pop quizzes, and course exercises, but it will take a bit of time before new courses are completed.

I am also creating noncredit, webinar-based content that shares what I have learned on my physical, mental and spiritual journey to recovery from serious illness. I have informally shared much of my research in genetics, environmental influences, the power of thought and the mind, and the pitfalls in various forms of medicine, including alternative modalities. It’s time to share with a wider audience, which I hope will include those of you who are interested.

I am so grateful to all of you, my court reporter customers. Although I  haven’t met most of you personally, I have developed relationships with hundreds of you over the years via email, telephone and text messages. It is always enjoyable to hear from you, and I wish you all safety, health and financial prosperity in these uncertain times. As we all adapt to these challenging times, I hold you all in my thoughts and prayers. 

Please complete any outstanding courses you have purchased by 12/31/2020, and remember you can still obtain valid credit for these courses if you submit your quiz to me by 12/31/2020!

Highest regards,

Patricia Lynch

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